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Presentation to St Andrew's Children's Hospice (Andy's)

The R.Ill. Intendant-General, Steve Roberts and Ill.Kt. Ray Wade, Divisional Recorder, were very pleased to visit St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice (Andy’s) in Grimsby today (20th October) to present a cheque for £2,500 on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children’s Fund.

















































































































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Virtual Tour of MMH

Worthy Knights,

Please find a link to an interesting virtual tour of Mark Masons Hall given by W. Bro. Dan Heath, one of our Assistant Grand Recorders.

The building which is sited at 86 St James's Street, just around the corner from St James's Palace and Pall Mall, is the administrative home of the Mark degree and a number of the other 'progressive' degrees in Freemasonry including the Red Cross of Constantine.

The tour should hopefully appeal to both those Brethren who have visited the building at some time in the past and also to those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so,