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Grand Rank Appointments 2018


Ill. Kt. BW Robinson, MBE, P.G.Chamb. to P.G.H.Chan.

Ill. Kt. EC Phipps, P.G.Pref. to P.G.H.Chamb.

Ill. Kt. CA Butt, P.G.W.ofR. to P.G.Orator

First Appointments 

P.Kt. TD Walton, P.Div.S.G. to P.G.Pref.

P. Kt. CE Brader, P.Div.J.G. to P.G.Vice-Chamb. 
















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Photographs - Installation 2016

L to R: Grand Sovereign, M. Ill. Kt. Graham Leslie Flight, Intendant-General, R. Ill. Kt. Stephen Robert, Deputy Intendant-General, Ill. Kt. Barry John Humphrey. BEM. 


 L to R: lll. Kt. Barry Humphrey, BEM, P. G. Chamb., Deputy Intendant-General, R. Ill. Kt. Stephen Roberts, Intendant-General, Ill. Kt. Dennis Berry, P.G.St.B.(C.), Divisional Eusebius