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Presentation to the Intendant-General

The Intendant-General was delighted to receive a £50 cheque for the Grand Sovereign's Care for Children's Fund from the Provincial Prior, R. E. Kt Malcolm Bilton, who was attending the Heneage Preceptory KT meeting in Grantham with the Provincial Team. 

The Provincial Prior made the donation on behalf of Ivor Hallam and Mark Driffield who now oversee the 'Lincolnshire pre-loved regalia' enterprise, previously managed by the late Ill. Kt. Mel Barrowcliffe.







End of Suspension of meetings

Please see latest letter in "Messages from the Intendant-General" 



 I am sad to report the passing of Ill. Kt. Maurice Barry Hazelwood, who died on Monday, 17 May aged 88 years.

 Maurice was a member of Tattershall Castle Conclave for 25 years - the last 5 as an Honorary Member. He attained the rank of Past Grand Vice-Chamberlain in 2016. 

He was a much loved and well-respected mason and was active in several Orders. Sadly, he resigned many of his memberships a few years ago because of ill health. 

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.


 Grand Conclave Investiture Meeting

Please note that the new date for the above meeting is 12 October 2021 at 12.30pm - Covid restrictions permitting!

 Grand Rank Appointments 2021

Congratulations to the following worthy Knights on their well-deserved appointments and particular congratulations to Terry Pannell on his first appointment to Active Grand Prefect.

It is still possible that there will be an Investiture Meeting this year, however these appointments are effective from the 6 July 2021. 


Ill. Kt. Barry John Humphrey, BEM, P.G.Chamb., P.Dep.I.-G., to P.G.H.Alm.

Ill. Kt. Michael Frank Bull, P.G.Chamb., to P.G.H. Alm.

These two Illustrious Knights now Very Illustrious Knights

First Appointments:

P. Kt. Terence John Pannell, Div.S.G., to G.Pref.

P. Kt. Terence Frederick Aldridge, P.Div.S.G., to P.G.Vice-Chamb. 


Presentation to St Andrew's Children's Hospice (Andy's)

The R.Ill. Intendant-General, Steve Roberts and Ill.Kt. Ray Wade, Divisional Recorder, were very pleased to visit St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice (Andy’s) in Grimsby today (20th October) to present a cheque for £2,500 on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children’s Fund.

















































































































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Divisional Officers 2021-2022


Deputy Intendant-General     Ill.Kt. R. Wade, P.G.Chamb.

Viceroy                                   V.Ill.Kt. M.F. Bull, P.G.H.Alm.                     

Senior General                       Ill.Kt. T.J. Pannell, G.Pref.       

Junior General                       P.Kt. R.L. Brittan

Prelate                                   Ill.Kt. Rev. T.J. Walker, P.G.Sub-Prel.                                

Registrar                                P.Kt. M. Knowles

Treasurer                                Ill.Kt. P.E. Paige, P.G.St.B.(C.)

Recorder                                P.Kt. M.L. Allen

Almoner                                 P.Kt. R. Butler

Marshal                                  V.Ill.Kt. D.A.J. Berry, P.G.H.Alm.

Sword Bearer                          P.Kt. J.C. Lee

Dep. Marshal                          P.Kt. M.J. Lock

Chamberlain                           P.Kt. M. Carter

Sub. Prelate                            P.Kt. G.L. Arnold

St. Bearer (C)                          P.Kt. J. Cooper

St. Bearer (L)                           P.Kt. D.W. Schafer

Prefect                                   P.Kt. N.F. Brokenshire

W. of Regalia                         Not appointed

Asst. Recorder                       Not appointed

Organist                                P.Kt. D.V. Eke                       

1st Herald                             P.Kt. M. Cockburn                 

2nd Herald                            P.Kt. C.J. Markham                           

Steward                                 P.Kt. T.J. Barker                    

Steward                                 P.Kt. D.M. Gratrick               

Steward                                 P.Kt. P. Daubney

Steward                                 P.Kt. Rev. M.A.Craggs

Steward                                 P.Kt. A.G. Mawer                  

Steward                                 P.Kt. B.M. Goodman             

Sentinel                                    W.Kt. M.G. Clarkson