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Ancaster Conclave Presents Cheque

The Sovereign of Ancaster Conclave, P. Kt. Chris Jones and other Knights assembled in Sleaford recently to present a cheque for £500 to St George’s Combined Cadet Force.
The unit is going to use the money to buy a Standard which they hope to parade for the first time at the town's Remembrance Parade in November.



Grand Rank Appointments 2019


Ill. Kt. D.B. Richardson, P.G.Chamb. to P.G.H.Alm.

Ill. Kt. R Wade, P.G.St.B.(L.) to P.G.Chamb.

First Appointments 

P. Kt. J. Winter, P.Div.S.G. to P.G.Her.

P. Kt. R.J. Stevens, P.Div.J.G. to P.G.Her. 























Divisional Sepulchre Guard for 2018 - 2019


Captain: P. Kt. Graham Arnold
Deputy Captain: W. Kt. Peter Mason

Knights of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard:

P. Kt. Alan Mawer, W. Kt. Frederick P Coles, W. Kt. Richard C.H. Powell, W. Kt. Gary J. Lusty,

W. Kt. Lesley S. Brewer, W. Kt. James McQuade, W. Kt. John J. Baigent


























































































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Divisional Officers 2018-2019

Viceroy                         Ill.Kt. M.F. Bull, Past Grand Chamberlain              

Senior General            P.Kt. A. Stanberry                               

Junior General             P.Kt. T.J. Pannell                   

Prelate                         Ill.Kt. Rev. T.J. Walker, Past Grand Sub-Prelate

Registrar                      P.Kt. P.L. Gibbons

Treasurer                     Ill.Kt. P.E. Paige, Past Grand Standard Bearer (C.)

Recorder                     Ill.Kt. R. Wade, Past Grand Standard Bearer (L.)

Almoner                      P.Kt. L.W. Lilley

Marshal                       Ill.Kt. D.N. Perkins, Past Assistant Grand Marshal

Sword Bearer              P.Kt. G.T. Taylor

Dep. Marshal              Ill.Kt. A.W. Pascoe, Past Grand Orator

Chamberlain               P.Kt. D.M. Wicks

Sub. Prelate                P.Kt. R. Butler

St. Bearer (C)              P.Kt. D.T. Maultby

St. Bearer (L)              P.Kt.M. Carter 

Prefect                        P.Kt. P.J.D. Banks 

W. of Regalia              P.Kt. N.F. Brokenshire

Asst. Recorder            Ill.Kt. T.D. Walton, Past Grand Prefect

Organist                      P.Kt. D.V. Eke

1st Herald                   P.Kt. J.C. Lee                   

2nd Herald                  P.Kt. D.W. Schafer        

Steward                      P.Kt. T.W.E. Knight

Steward                      P.Kt. M.J. Lock

Steward                      P.Kt. C.J. Markham

Steward                      P.Kt. M. Cockburn

Steward                      P.Kt. R.W. Burrell

Sentinel                      W.Kt. M.G. Clarkson