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Grand Imperial Conclave Tuesday 5 July 2022

Knights receiving their Grand Rank appointments and promotions were well supported by Lincolnshire Knights at the Annual meeting in Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street. Ill. Kt. Malcolm Bilton and Ill. Kt. Reg Brittan are pictured below in front of the Lincolnshire window. Malcolm received his promotion to Past Grand Chamberlain and Reg his first appointment to active Grand Herald.
L to R: P.Kt. Michael Lock, Malcolm Bilton, Reg Brittan, Ray Wade, Andrew Pascoe and Mike Allen

An excellent meal followed at the Connaught Rooms which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, as you can see from Malcolm's broad smile!

 Jonathan Roberts found the experience of being photographed by P,Kt. Peter Mason quite amusing!

L to R: Mike Lock, Ray Wade and Reg Brittan

L to R: Ray Wade, Reg Brittan and John Wickes newly-appointed active Grand Senior General

Unfortunely, V.Ill. Kt Barry Topliss and Ill. Kt. Rod Rouse were unable to attend the meeting.


Presentation to the Lincs. & Notts. Air Ambulance 

On the 14 June the Deputy Intendant-General, Ill. Kt. Ray Wade, accompanied by his wife, Dorothea, was delighted to present a cheque to Karen Carter, Fund Raising Manager (Lincs.), who expressed her grateful thanks to the Division for the donation. She also offered to entertain a group visit of RCC members to the new station headquarters which had been totally funded by the government and other grant bodies.




Presentation to the RNLI Skegness

Ill. Kt. Peter Paige, Divisional Treasurer had the privilege of presenting a cheque for £250 to Alan Fisher, Operations Manager, RNLI, Skegness, on Thursday 9 June 2022. 
Peter had a great time being shown around the Lifeboat Station as well as being invited on a tour of the Lifeboat.  


Another Charity Donation from the Lincolnshire Pre-loved Regalia Enterprise

A further cheque for £250, given to our Intendant-General from the Pre-loved Regalia Enterprise, was received with great pleasure and also donated to the Grand Sovereign's Care for Children's Fund.  


Grand Rank Appointments 2022

 Congratulations to the following worthy Knights on their well-deserved appointments.

These appointments are effective from the 5 July 2022. 


Ill. Kt. Victor Barry Topliss, P.G.Chamb. to P.G.H.Alm. 

Ill. Kt. Malcolm F. Bilton, P.G.St.B.(L.). to P.G.Chamb. 

Ill. Kt. Rodney Charles Rouse, P.G.St.B.(L.). to P.G.Chamb.

First Appointments: 

P. Kt. Reginald Leslie Brittan, Div.J.G. to Grand Herald. 


Letter of thanks from Grand Sovereign

Cliick on this for link to Letter of thanks for donation 2.12.21

Presentation to the Intendant-General

The Intendant-General was delighted to receive a £50 cheque for the Grand Sovereign's Care for Children's Fund from the Provincial Prior, R. E. Kt Malcolm Bilton, who was attending the Heneage Preceptory KT meeting in Grantham with the Provincial Team. 

The Provincial Prior made the donation on behalf of Ivor Hallam and Mark Driffield who now oversee the 'Lincolnshire pre-loved regalia' enterprise, previously managed by the late Ill. Kt. Mel Barrowcliffe.



End of Suspension of meetings

Please see latest letter in "Messages from the Intendant-General" 



 I am sad to report the passing of Ill. Kt. Maurice Barry Hazelwood, who died on Monday, 17 May aged 88 years.

 Maurice was a member of Tattershall Castle Conclave for 25 years - the last 5 as an Honorary Member. He attained the rank of Past Grand Vice-Chamberlain in 2016. 

He was a much loved and well-respected mason and was active in several Orders. Sadly, he resigned many of his memberships a few years ago because of ill health. 

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.


 Grand Conclave Investiture Meeting

Please note that the new date for the above meeting is 12 October 2021 at 12.30pm - Covid restrictions permitting!

 Grand Rank Appointments 2021

Congratulations to the following worthy Knights on their well-deserved appointments and particular congratulations to Terry Pannell on his first appointment to Active Grand Prefect.

It is still possible that there will be an Investiture Meeting this year, however these appointments are effective from the 6 July 2021. 


Ill. Kt. Barry John Humphrey, BEM, P.G.Chamb., P.Dep.I.-G., to P.G.H.Alm.

Ill. Kt. Michael Frank Bull, P.G.Chamb., to P.G.H. Alm.

These two Illustrious Knights now Very Illustrious Knights

First Appointments:

P. Kt. Terence John Pannell, Div.S.G., to G.Pref.

P. Kt. Terence Frederick Aldridge, P.Div.S.G., to P.G.Vice-Chamb. 


Presentation to St Andrew's Children's Hospice (Andy's)

The R.Ill. Intendant-General, Steve Roberts and Ill.Kt. Ray Wade, Divisional Recorder, were very pleased to visit St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice (Andy’s) in Grimsby today (20th October) to present a cheque for £2,500 on behalf of the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children’s Fund.

















































































































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About the Divisional Sepulchre Guard..........

 What is the “Divisional Sepulchre Guard”?

The Divisional Sepulchre Guard is an elite group of Worthy Knights appointed by the Right Illustrious Intendant-General for the purpose of fulfilling ceremonial and ritual roles within the Lincolnshire Division. It is a real honour to be a member and service in the Divisional Sepulchre Guard could result in being recommended for membership of the prestigious Grand Sepulchre Guard which escorts the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign on all his formal occasions.

The Lincolnshire Divisional Sepulchre Guard consists of a Captain, a Deputy Captain, and such numbers of Guards as appointed by the Intendant-General – usually 4 to 6.


All members are invested at the Annual Divisional Meeting by the Right Illustrious Intendant-General with the insignia of the Lincolnshire Division Sepulchre Guard suspended from a purple collarette. It is worn under the shirt collar at all Red Cross and KHS meetings and subsequent Festive Boards within the Division.

Each member is issued with a sword worn with a purple scabbard for which a small deposit must be paid. Instruction on sword drill and ceremonial duty is regularly given by the Captain or Deputy and a rehearsal is usually arranged prior to any meeting.



What does the Divisional Guard do?

The purpose of the Divisional Guard is to accompany the Intendant-General whenever he and the Divisional Officers make official “Team visits” to Conclaves. The Guard on duty will normally comprise the Captain, the Deputy Captain and a minimum of four knights.

Members of the guard are contacted by the Captain informing them of dates and locations of Team Visits. Each member must reply as soon as possible signifying their availability.

The Divisional Guard also performs the role of ‘Sepulchre Guards’ when a Conclave within the Division carries out an Appendant Orders ceremony.

Divisional Guards are expected to attend the Annual Divisional Meeting to perform ceremonial duties and, where applicable (dependant on attendance record), may be re-appointed for the following year.

Who can join the Guard?

Membership of the Sepulchre Guard is open to any Worthy Knight who is a full subscribing and active member of one or more of the Conclaves in the Division. Selection as a Sepulchre Guard shows commitment to the Order and to the Division, and successful candidates are expected to be active and reliable.

Once a knight has been promoted to the rank of Most Puissant Sovereign he must cease his active membership of the Sepulchre Guard, but remains on the list of reserve guardsmen.

How can I apply?

The first step is to contact your Conclave Recorder who will arrange for you to attend an interview with the Captain (P. Kt. Graham Arnold) and Deputy Captain (W. Kt. Peter Mason).