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Ancaster Conclave Presents Cheque

The Sovereign of Ancaster Conclave, P. Kt. Chris Jones and other Knights assembled in Sleaford recently to present a cheque for £500 to St George’s Combined Cadet Force.
The unit is going to use the money to buy a Standard which they hope to parade for the first time at the town's Remembrance Parade in November.



Grand Rank Appointments 2019


Ill. Kt. D.B. Richardson, P.G.Chamb. to P.G.H.Alm.

Ill. Kt. R Wade, P.G.St.B.(L.) to P.G.Chamb.

First Appointments 

P. Kt. J. Winter, P.Div.S.G. to P.G.Her.

P. Kt. R.J. Stevens, P.Div.J.G. to P.G.Her. 























Divisional Sepulchre Guard for 2018 - 2019


Captain: P. Kt. Graham Arnold
Deputy Captain: W. Kt. Peter Mason

Knights of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard:

P. Kt. Alan Mawer, W. Kt. Frederick P Coles, W. Kt. Richard C.H. Powell, W. Kt. Gary J. Lusty,

W. Kt. Lesley S. Brewer, W. Kt. James McQuade, W. Kt. John J. Baigent


























































































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Divisional Officers and Principal Officers of Conclaves are listed on this website, as are the contact details of Conclave Recorders. Any Knight of the Division not consenting to the inclusion of his name under these procedures should inform The Divisional Recorder..

Grand Imperial Conclave:

Grand Sovereign
M.Ill.Kt. Graham Leslie Flight G.C.C.

Deputy Grand Sovereign
Rt.lll. & Em.Kt. Peter Hawken, M.B.E., G.C.C.

Grand Eusebius
R.Ill. & Ven.Kt. Dr. The Revd. Timothy John Nicholas L'Estrange, G.C.C.

Division of Lincolnshire

Intendant-General:     R.Ill.Kt. Stephen Roberts

Deputy Intendant-General:   Ill.Kt. Barry John Humphrey, BEM, P.G.Chamb. 

Divisional Eusebius:   Ill. Kt. Michael Frank Bull, P.G.Chamb.

Divisional Recorder:    Ill.Kt. Raymond Wade, P.G.St.B.(L.)

The Divisional Conclave Meeting is held annually on the 3rd. Saturday in November at St. George's Academy, Sleaford.

Grand Imperial Conclave, usually meets on the first Tuesday in July.

At: Freemasons' Hall, 60 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AZ - Tel: 020 7831 9811 - Directions to Great Queen Street