Christmas Message from the Intendant-General

Worthy Knights all,

 Another year has flown past and Christmas, a time of year which is particularly significant to us as Christian Masons, is nearly with us once again

May I therefore take the opportunity to wish you all and your families a happy festive season with a sincere hope that the forthcoming year sees you all happy and healthy along with your loved ones.

Please however, remember those less fortunate than ourselves and continue the tremendous material and practical support you give to the families of Freemasons who may have fallen on hard times and also the various worthy causes which we are able to support generally.

I feel that 2019 has been a relatively good year for the Red Cross in Lincolnshire and I would like to thank you all for the support you have given to our Order and to me personally - it is so very much appreciated.

The over riding memory that I will carry over is the enthusiasm and commitment that I have experienced in the Conclaves despite the obvious problems that we face in Freemasonry in general. It has been a real delight to visit all the Conclaves during the year, both singularly and with the Divisional Officers and to feel and experience the warm and tangible fellowship so evident in our Conclaves. This was best exemplified by the super attendance at our annual meeting in Sleaford which was a real boost to the well being of the Division.

Please continue to give your support to your Conclaves and the Division and do it with a smile, here's to a terrific 2020 for everybody,

 With very best regards, in Faith, Unity and Zeal,

R.Ill. Kt. Stephen Roberts