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Ladies Evening Friday 16 June 2017


Mrs Susan Roberts, wife of the Intendant-General, replying to the toast to the Ladies given by P. Kt. Terry Walton, Divisional Senior General


 Presentation to 2018 Mark Benevolent Fund Festival

 Grand Honours 2017


Presentation to St. Andrew's Children's Hospice

 Divisional Recorder, Ill. Kt. Ray Wade, presenting £1,000 cheque from the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund
to Keegan (aged 1 year) on 10 October 2016 at St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice, Grimsby

Andy's 10.11.16.JPG 

Looking on are Leighton (aged 2 years) and Nurse Tracey Wilson  







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Christmas Message

Worthy Knights All,

As the year comes to a close, may I take the opportunity, both personally and also on behalf of the Lincolnshire Division, to say a sincere thank you to everybody for all the hard work and commitment shown during the past year in our wonderful Masonic Order.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as the Intendant-General for Lincolnshire, an appointment I consider to be a great honour and privilege but which wouldn't have been so without the contribution and best wishes of everybody in the Division, however small that may have been. I am extremely grateful and sincerely thank you for all your efforts and fellowship during this year and hopefully in the future, in what is an everchanging environment.

As members of a Christian Masonic Order, may I also wish you, your family and your loved ones, heartfelt best wishes for this special festive season and the forthcoming new year. I trust that you will have a wonderful time whatever you may be doing during this period and look forward to seeing you all sometime in the new year.

Very best regards,

Sincerely and fraternally,

Steven Roberts