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Grand Rank Appointments 2018


Ill. Kt. BW Robinson, MBE, P.G.Chamb. to P.G.H.Chan.

Ill. Kt. EC Phipps, P.G.Pref. to P.G.H.Chamb.

Ill. Kt. CA Butt, P.G.W.ofR. to P.G.Orator

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P.Kt. TD Walton, P.Div.S.G. to P.G.Pref.

P. Kt. CE Brader, P.Div.J.G. to P.G.Vice-Chamb. 
















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Report of General Purposes Committee by Deputy Intendant-General

Given at Divisional Meeting 18 November 2017 

R. Ill. Intendant-General, Worthy Knights All,

I now report on the General Purposes committee meeting which was held on the 6th July 2017 at the home of our Div. Treasurer Ill. Kt. Peter Paige in Woodhall Spa for which we sincerely thank him, not only for hosting the event, but also for providing his ‘renowned’ buffet lunch. 

The minutes of the previous meeting held on the 7th July 2016 were agreed and matters arising therefrom were:

1.         The Divisional Recorder reported that he had presented the St. Andrew’s Children’s Hospice with a cheque for £1,000 from the Grand Sovereign’s Children’s Fund on 10 November 2016 and read out a letter of thanks.

2.         New Banner stands for the Constantine and Labarum Standards had been made by Ill Kt Howard Wright of Nottinghamshire Division with our very grateful thanks.

3.         The Divisional Recorder reported that a new Divisional Handbook was in the process of being prepared to compliment the new Divisional website and was due publication in November 2017.

Ill. Kt. Peter Paige, the Divisional Treasurer then gave a comprehensive interim report and statement of the accounts of the Division and thanks must be accorded to him for his continued ‘shrewd’ stewardship of our finances - I am sure that you will be pleased to receive his report along with his recommendations shortly and concur with me that he is indeed an asset to Lincolnshire Division.

As is normal, the major part of the General Purposes meeting was taken up with discussion to determine the recommendations for the various Divisional appointments and promotions for 2017 - 2018 and these were duly passed to our IG for his consideration and approval.  On behalf of the committee I congratulate all those who are shortly to receive those appointments and promotions from the Intendant-General.

Under Any Other Business various matters were raised including:

1.         The Divisional Recorder circulated an information leaflet to be used to recruit members to the Sepulchre Guard.  The committee thought this was an excellent and useful tool and that copies should be forwarded to all Conclave Recorders.

2.         Following the recent move of the Divisional Ladies Evening to Dower House, Woodhall Spa it was recommended that the 2018 Ladies Evening be held at the same venue on Friday 15 June 2018 but with a change to the entertainment.

3.         The Divisional Marshal recommended that we put forward the name of another Knight for membership of the Grand Sepulchre Guard following his promotion to Assistant Grand Marshal.

There being no other business to transact, the meeting was duly closed.

R. Ill. Intendant General, Worthy Knights All -  the report of the General Purposes Committee.


Barry Humphrey 

Ill. Kt. Barry J. Humphrey, BEM, P.G.Chamb.

Deputy Intendant-General